Red Ochre Gallery Spring ‘Splash’

Some of the best and brightest of Newfoundland’s art scene serve up a taste of Spring in the new Red Ochre Gallery exhibit, Splash.


Readers are rearing and ready for Spring after a cold and snowy winter. And while the changing of the season is officially here, we may be weeks off before we see flowers bloom and temperatures spike. Us Newfoundlanders know the pain of snowy Aprils more than most.

Renewal & Rebirth

No fear, the fine folks at Red Ochre Gallery in Downtown St. John’s have a cure-all for those suffering from the winter blues.

Beginning on March 29th, Red Ochre Gallery launches their latest exhibition, Splash. Featuring 17 artists, both local and based abroad, the collection of works will feature a variety of mediums and methods, but all will be rooted in the idea of renewal, rebirth, and indeed, Spring. 

“We will show crashing waves in encaustic, oil on canvas and photography, flowers in oil and very vibrant pieces on silk, landscapes, icebergs, abstract works, still life and many watercolours of various subject-matters,” shared Brenda McClellan of Red Ochre Gallery. “Spring paintings usually exude promise and renewed energy. Well worth a visit.”

local and abroad

Red Ochre Gallery houses the fine works of 25 artists, many of whom are based solely in Newfoundland and Labrador, with works purchased across the nation and internationally. Artists range from new and exciting prospects to established and veteran artists at the height of their prowess.

For more on Red Ochre Gallery visit, call by phone at 709-726-6422 or visit them at 96 Duckworth Street in St. John’s.



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