Sharon & Danielle | The Best(ies) of Tradition

Sharon Snow and Danielle Butt celebrate the season by sharing their love of tradition – and one another – over the holidays 

There’s fun to be had whenever NTV’s Sharon Snow and OZFM’s Danielle Butt get together. It doesn’t matter if it’s work-related, the pleasure is evident as these two long-time co-workers turned friends unite.

One of the places these two fabulously brilliant, talented and stunningly beautiful ladies have a chance to let their hair down is anytime they share the coveted cover of The Newfoundland Herald.

“It’s always fun doing things with friends who lift you up and support you,” Snow begins as the two pose for picture number one the day of the Christmas Cookbook photo shoot. 

Butt and Snow give one another the once over (hair in place? Earrings straight?) and then easily strike a pose and smile for the camera, joking and having fun between setting swap outs and clothing changes. 

Enduring friendship

The glorious red fur coats the two ooze into thanks to the kindness of Always in Vogue, are swapped mid-way through the photo shoot to make sure they both get a chance to experience each jacket.

Sitting on the back of the truck on photo day in a field behind Snow’s house, they share a laugh and a nibble of the food the chefs brought that day to help merry up the backdrop.

When asked how their friendship has endured, it’s an easy answer.

“We just have fun and enjoy one another’s company. From working together on Places to Go and Made Right Here, to weather hits, we’ve had many chances to work together,” Butt shared.

 “Even Christmas is a time to work together. We do the Christmas Parade every year – I host and Sharon is in the parade – and there’s the Salvation Army Dream Tree and the Christmas Kettle. These things are growing traditions here at the company that we get to be involved with together,” Butt added. 

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 Of course, while work is always busy for both women, they always make time for family around Christmas too. 

“We always talk about the value of Christmas memories. Danielle has granddaughters now, one born on her birthday, so Christmas is even more special now,” Snow said. 

Alice and Charlotte certainly make the holidays a little more merry. From baking to heading out around the bay to celebrate at Gunner’s Pond, Butt  shared she can’t wait for family time. 

Snow shared that heading home to Fogo is still a big part of her Christmas tradition. So is making the annual gingerbread house.

“Myself and the kids actually decorated a gingerbread house for one of The Herald covers. It happens every year with my cousin Darlene and her kids, who are about the same age, as Jorja and Ethan, so we do that together every year. Actually, we missed one year and we vowed we’d never let that happen again because we always have a blast.”

‘Kids make Christmas’

 Butt smiles, eager to begin such traditions with her own young granddaughters. “Alice loves to bake. And she’s just so cute. Kids make Christmas so much fun,” Butt said.

Butt also has a very special role come Christmas and that’s being Santa’s little helper around the NTV studio.

“Santa comes into NTV every year to read children’s letters to Santa and I get the honour of helping out with that. That’s always so much fun.”

 Now that her kids are older, is it still Christmas around the Snow household? Is it still magical? 

“Oh yes, absolutely. The kids are big on Christmas. Ordinarily, we would have the house decorated by now. Jorja’s birthday coming up, she will be sweet 16, and we’ve been doing some renovations, so it’s been busy, but we will start decorating soon,” Snow said.

 The tree decorating is always a special time. “We select a Christmas movie and will have a hot chocolate and treats. We spread everything out and the cat goes crazy. It’s a happy, happy time,” Snow laughed. Butt can relate, sharing a photo of her adorable pup, Stevie Nicks. Is Stevie excited for Christmas? 

“Stevie is excited for everything. And yes, she has a couple of outfits for Christmas,” Butt admitted with a laugh.  

The two women say that this year is special for so many across the province and around the world. “We’ve just all been through so much. It’s time to enjoy family and embrace Christmas traditions, whatever they happen to be for us,” Snow said. 

Butt couldn’t agree more.

“Just do what works for your family. Bring in new traditions. Celebrate with family. Enjoy the time you get to spend with one another.”

Time together

And spend time with co-workers you love too, they add. 

Butt smiles across the table at Snow before speaking. “We like each other. We enjoy each other’s company. We hike. We laugh. We share. And we lift each other up, because why not?”

Another great memory? A recent work-related road trip to commemorate 9/11. Snow gets the last word. 

“It was nice to get outside of the building together and be together. While we were still working, we really enjoyed each other’s company. It was fun that we could do a road trip like that for something so meaningful and share it with someone who means so much.”     

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