The Gathering

FIRE FOOD MUSIC — Aug. 25 – 27, 2016

Building on a foundation centered on food, fire and music, Burlington’s The Gathering has fast become one of the most desirable and in-demand summer festivals in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Stellar lineup

With a stellar lineup of musical talent, and some of the best chefs this side of the Atlantic, the annual August event has curious and eager patrons flocking from across the island. It’s even gaining national and international attention. But if you ask Shaun Majumder, the founder of the event and ever-present face and promoter of his hometown of Burlington, he’d tell you that The Gathering is only the tip of the iceberg, as business in Burlington is set to boom.

“It’s hard work, but you know what, long term it takes time,” Majumder said. “It’s a marathon not a sprint and each summer we’ll build upon it and keep it going.”

“My project here is not just about The Gathering, it’s about all year round and tourism,” Majumder shared. “The icebergs, and that’s why I’m here now, is getting stuff ready for our first customers. We actually have our first paying customers coming in early June. We’re really excited about that. It’s the accommodations piece with ‘glamping’ tents and our one individual eco-pod that’s getting ready for people’s arrival.

“Our brand is all about coming ‘ome,” Majumder adds enthusiastically. “Everything that we do, everything that we touch and talk about, it’s already built into the language. People talk about it, ‘how long you ‘ome for now? When was the last time you were ‘ome?’ That’s the brand right there.”

Labour of love

Majumder is committed long-term to developing Burlington into one of the island’s finest tourist destinations. It hasn’t been an easy trek, but the fruits of the hours of labours are beginning to show. “It’s hard work, but you know what, long term it takes time,” Majumder said. “It’s a marathon not a sprint and each summer we’ll build upon it and keep it going.”


This year’s Gathering will feature a who’s who of the island’s musical and culinary talent. Musically the likes of The Dardanelles, The Once, The Navigators and more will grace the stages, with some of the finest chefs on the island turning out to provide epic eats. Factor in the serene outdoors and some fantastic comedy and friends Mark Critch, Matt Wright and Canadian legend Ron James, and you have a weekend worthy of remembrance to close off summer 2016.

“The Gathering is really exciting this year, man. 100 per cent Newfoundland talent and 100 per cent Newfoundland chefs. It’s juicy,” Majumder said with a laugh.

“It’s really more about community. It’s about fire, food and music in its very simplest form. People who come here realize when they come here that, number one, holy s**it I didn’t know this place existed, and number two I love how relaxed and how casual and back to the basics it is in terms of listening to good music, eating good food and having a laugh with friends and family. At its core, that to me is the value of this thing. You’re coming to The Gathering because you want to gather with people and have a really amazing social experience, and it’s not because you’re here to see AC/DC or whoever.”

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