Will Kenny: Family Man

Big Brother Canada’s Will Kenny admits being away from his son was the hardest of all


Self-proclaimed prankster Will Kenny may not have won the sixth season of NTV’s Big Brother Canada, but he definitely played a phenomenal game, making it to the final four and keeping up a reputation as the “nice fella.” Born and raised in Trepassey, he worked offshore as an oil field technician, most commonly referred to as a ‘rough neck.’

Father of one handsome five-year-old, Kenny sits down with The Newfoundland Herald to talk strategizing Big Brother, what he’s up to now, and life as a proud dad. 

Big Brother Life

When asked if his decision to try out for Big Brother Canada was an ongoing goal, Kenny says he and his twin brother tried out three seasons ago without success, so he went for it again this year as soon as he hopped off the ol’ oil rig. Going into the show, Kenny had one major strategy to win; ride out the competition as the nice guy, get along with everyone and not end up on people’s bad sides.  

“Before I went into the show, I just thought that I was gonna have a good social game for sure, go in and try and use that as my strategy. Newfoundlanders are known for being nice and we get a lot of love. Being the only Newfoundlander in the house was definitely hard when I first got in there because mostly no one understood the way that I spoke,” he shared with a laugh. 

“There really wasn’t another personality in the house like myself to bounce off of, so I just had to kind of look for and build different relationships with each person. If I was ever to go back for a second time, I would definitely go with my gut from the beginning of the game, instead of holding back. I’d definitely try and make a few bigger moves earlier on.” 

After spending over 70 days in the Big Brother Canada house, Kenny had made some solid relationships with other contestants, creating unbreakable bonds while they all shared an experience of a lifetime. 

“I’ll miss all the other house guests, all 15 of them, for sure. You just get so use to being around these people every day and then you don’t get to see them anymore, unless it’s like certain occasions and stuff, so I’ll definitely miss them,” Kenny explained.

“We’re literally like a family, I still keep in touch with every single one of them pretty much, at one point or another. I’ve stayed in touch with Paras, Hamza and Ali the most, for sure.”

#1 Dad 

While Big Brother often holds up a reputation for in-house drama, season six was filled with houseguests who mostly seemed to have a good head on their shoulders and shared chemistry, creating a great base for friendships to form.  

“There wasn’t too much drama, Ryan had it out with a couple of people for sure. At the end of the day, it’s just a game though. I just started watching it myself, actually. Oh my god, I cringe watching myself on TV. When you’re on TV, you just sounds like so weird to yourself too, you know what I mean?” 

“At this point now, I’m really just planning on enjoying the summer home and letting whatever opportunities come out of it, come, kinda thing,” Kenny shared when asked what his plans are for the summer. 

With the sunny weather hopefully headed our way and Father’s Day just around the corner, there’s no doubt that Kenny will be spending tons of quality time with his five-year-old son, Parker, who turns out to be a huge Big Brother Canada fan!

“He’s after watching it, he is the ultimate Big Brother fan. He knows everything about it. I couldn’t believe it when I got home, he knew so much about the show, he was so into it. He be’s playing Big Brother with his trains, puts the trains up on the block to eliminate them,” he laughed. 

Fun Kid Stuff 

Admitting that the hardest part about the Big Brother Canada experience was missing his son, Kenny is no stranger to the feeling, working offshore for half the year. “I’m home for six months of the year, but when I am home we swim a lot outdoors, we like trampolines and just fun kid-stuff like that.”

Congratulations to Will Kenny for placing fourth on Big Brother Canada season six, and a Happy Father’s Day from everyone at The Herald! 

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