NTV’s Places to Go with Sharon Snow, turns 20 in 2020. The show’s beloved host reflects on two decades of being out and about at home and beyond!


2020 marks 20 years of going places with Places to Go, and no one could be more proud than the show’s glorious host, the lovely Sharon Snow. 

“We’re super excited. I think that’s a milestone worth celebrating. To have a feature run for that long? I’m proud to be part of that,” she says. Snow shares that the popular NTV segment happened almost by accident. It started with her filling in for Toni-Marie Wiseman on the weather desk from time to time. “That gave me the opportunity to do live weather hits. Once Toni returned, Jim Furlong came to me and said, ‘I have an idea.’ And the rest is history.”


While Snow genuinely says she’s enjoyed and embraced each and every place she’s gone, some stand out. 

She’s proud of a trip she took to Ireland. “We got to spend some time in Dublin. We got to spend some time in London. So we’ve been going places not only in Newfoundland and Labrador, but we’ve been going places beyond our borders as well,” she says proudly. 

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Snow says he thinks what she does is important. Whether she’s visiting a restaurant, a business, or leaving the country, sharing little bits about this place we call home, and the world around us, is key.


“I think the biggest compliment to me is when people who are visiting our province tell us they use our Places to Go as a guideline, as an itinerary while on their visit here. I’ve heard that so many times over these last 20 years that I feel it’s my small role to help promote our province and our culture and the power of NTV and local television.”

Snow says she still gets so many warm and inviting invitations from businesses throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. Each and every segment, each and every place she goes, it feels almost like the first time, she says with a smile. 

“I’m always excited,” Snow offers sincerely.  “If we can support local businesses and giving them, in many cases, some press and publicity that they might not necessarily be able to afford, then I think that’s part of the mandate of what our feature is and the mandate of what Newfoundland Broadcasting and NTV is all about. We support local. We are local.”

Her segment, Places to Go with Sharon Snow, has not only survived over twenty years, but has thrived, no doubt in part because of Snow’s enthusiasm and dedication. 

Still, Snow is quick to say a humble ‘thank-you’ before passing the glory elsewhere.

“We’ve thrived in a local market and we’ve grown beyond local borders because NTV and the great minds behind the station, think it’s important.”


From News Director Mark Dwyer, to president Scott Stirling, these are the people who make sure local matters, she says.

“That we support and celebrate our own, that keeps us humble, and that’s what Places to Go is all about.” 

Tune into Places to Go each week on The NTV Evening News Hour.

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