A Little Piece of Heaven

With a year’s worth of surviving a pandemic under our collective belts, we can say one thing for certain and that’s this: thank goodness we live where we do. Beyond the fact that being surrounded by water has made our contact with COVID somewhat more manageable, that we also have some of the best people and the most amazing scenery in the world has made lockdown feel a little less like a punishment and a whole lot more like a reward. That’s a lot to be grateful for.
Another thing to be grateful for? I’ve seen more of this island of ours over the past year than I’ve seen in a lifetime and some of my more favourite spots I’ve visited again and again just to experience the changes through each season.

Edge of the Atlantic

Walking along the edge of the world at Cape Spear in early June is very different than it is in August. When we visited Point Zero last Spring, there was still an iceberg hanging out on the horizon. The air held that hint of cool, enough to keep us moving swiftly along the trails, with just enough tease of warmth to encourage us to linger at the top to take it all in for just a little longer. Returning in late summer on a warm but windy day, the waves were captivating. Hanging out of the edge of the Atlantic invigorates the soul and awakens the spirit no matter the time of year, but August in Newfoundland is a gift from the gods.
Fall is around the corner, and cooler temps will come, but in the moment, just enjoy. There’s no rush back to the car for a blast of heat. There is, however, a long pause or two on the expansive staircase to reach the best ocean views near the lighthouse. It’s warm and the moss-covered rocks call to be rested upon. Step off the path. Take a breather. Let your hair blow in the breeze. There’s no rush.

On a sunny, but cold winter’s day, we head back again. While the view could be described by some as desolate, it’s also commandingly majestic. The unforgiving Atlantic swirls and rises and teases the shore. You wonder if taking the path to Point Zero would even be wise on this day. The angry waves might go rouge and wash the works out to sea. Or that’s how it appears from a distance, anyway.
As you cautiously inch closer you realize things are not exactly as they appear, and the waves are far below where you stand, low beneath the cliffs where you gaze in awe and gratitude. You are safe upon the shore.
But it’s not only Cape Spear that captivates at any time of the year. Ferryland. Signal Hill. Gross Morne. Each nook and cranny of this island, no matter the time of year, is worth exploring more than once.

Take it all in

It’s Easter and times they have changed. Gone are the busy brunches and the trips down south. There’s no kid camps to be booked and no busy extended family schedules to juggle.
As we take time off with our family, why not take the time to take it all in. Get out and explore the shores. Hike the trails. Climb to the top and look down to the bottom. Breath in. Breath out. And experience our little piece of heaven from wherever you happen to stand.

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