OZFM is bringing the nostalgia with the best tunes of yesterday and the hits of today, complete with lineup shuffles and the return of a household name


We’re going back to OZ folks! Nostalgia is the name of the game as the station that changed the way Newfoundlanders and Labradorians listen to radio across the province is embracing the sing to the top of your lungs hits of the 90s, 2000s and the best music of today.


It’s a brave new world and a brave new OZFM, one that pays fan service with the top music of the defining eras of Billboard – from No Doubt to Destiny’s Child, Matchbox 20, Jennifer Lopez when she was J-Lo – and sprinkles in the very best of what defines the charts today. It’s Newfoundland’s music mix and one that honours old school with a decidedly modern approach.

“We’re definitely taking the music in a bit of a different direction on OZFM,” shared OZFM Station Manager Jay Lawrence. “The music we’re playing is for people who want to sing along…loudly … with their favourite songs, but also want to keep current with today’s top hits. It’s designed to complement that “old friend” feeling you’ll get from the morning show. Turn on OZFM and your favourite jams are there for you, already playing.”

The centrepiece of the re-tooled and improved OZFM is The Morning Jam, which will see beloved station favourite Stephanie O’Brien team up with the returning Randy Snow. 

“I think Randy Snow would be welcome anywhere he goes,” shares Lawrence. “So we’re pretty happy he wanted to come home to OZFM. Randy has such a unique ability to make a connection with people. Even people he hasn’t ever met. You turn on the radio and it’s like a friend is there with you. I think OZFM listeners will feel like that friend is coming home.”

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 “I’m excited to work with Randy because of his experience,” O’Brien shares. 

“I’ve always admired his radio work and admired how people just love him, they’ve always loved him. You wonder when people started their careers in radio how do they get to be that way? Is there something they did? And Randy just has it. He’s very good at his job and I’m excited to learn from him. This is an opportunity for us to get together and make something really cool happen and along the way I’ll get to learn a lot as well.”

The combined talents of Snow and O’Brien is a surefire recipe for success. The duo brings decades of on-air experience to the new home for morning radio, The Morning Jam. 

“Randy and Stephanie both bring an ability to make that connection with people,” adds Lawrence. “They’re going to have a conversation every morning and it’s going to be just like there are a couple more people sitting at your breakfast table. There’s going to be a lot of laughter, a lot of fun, and hopefully, people will go off to work in a better mood than when they woke up.”


Kick-starting weekdays with The Morning Jam, the weekly OZFM lineup will feature a host of welcomed familiar voices. Robert Shawn holds court from 10 AM to 2 PM, turning over to Stephen Lethbridge from 2-6 PM. Hugh Campbell takes over from 6-9 PM on Tuesday to Friday evenings as well as serving as your ambassador for good times on Saturday afternoons. 

And while the popular music featuring three generations of hit-makers will be front and center at OZFM, the sounds that make up the fabric of our province will not be forgotten.

Jigs and Reels, the behemoth of traditional Newfoundland tunes across the province, will start your Sunday mornings with sweet tunes a little earlier, running from 7 am to 1 pm, while also removing their Saturday programming.

So take a trip back to OZ for a heavy dose of nostalgia to get you through dreary work weeks with the best personalities in local radio combined with the best hits of today and the local flavour that makes Newfoundland and Labrador one of the musical hubs of the world. 


“This evolution of OZFM goes back to the music people love, while still making sure they hear their favourite current music,” shares Lawrence. It’s a balance that’s always evolving.”

 “People love it, they love nostalgia,” adds O’Brien enthusiastically. “I feel really positive about these changes. I feel like it’s exactly what listeners want and what we’ve needed to do. Going forward I see nothing but good things down the road for OZFM.”


For more on OZFM programming and to listen online visit ozfm.com and visit the official OZFM Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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