New mom, OZFM’s Stephanie O’Brien, looked in the mirror after returning to work, knowing she needed to challenge herself to be the best she could be


Stephanie Dyke (O’Brien to OZFM listeners) was just like many new moms – too wrapped up in baby Charlie to take care of herself. 

“Life was busy. Charlie took all my focus, and suddenly, I had weight on. Being an ‘older’ first-time mom, I had no concept of how difficult getting back the old me would be,” she admits candidly.

O’Brien, like many others in this province to much success, including this very writer, discovered Ideal Protein. 


“Sometimes you take a leap of faith and that leads you to meet people and begin new journeys and you just never know where it’s all going to lead. When I began Ideal Protein by Angela Crawford I didn’t realize how much I would love the process or how much I would learn,” she shared.

Seventeen months later, she says all her hard work has paid off. O’Brien, determined to lend a hand to others who struggled, began training to be a coach. 

“It’s been months of hands-on training and I’m ready to share what I know and help other people experience what I have. It has changed my life and I’ve received so very many emails and messages saying how I’ve inspired other people to take the plunge and start their own journey towards being healthier.”

O’Brien, who has always been health-conscious, says being in the public eye adds a whole new layer of pressure. 

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“I’ve always had a passion for health and fitness and somehow it got away from me,” she explains. “But it has all come full circle. Now I can help others.”

O’Brien sat down with the owner of Lite-Hearted Weight Loss Clinic Angela Crawford and made a leap of faith. 

“I am not leaving radio. That’s what I love. It’s my passion, and I know that’s where my heart is. But I’ll do double duty as a coach because deep in my soul I know I can help, because I know the struggle. I’ve been there,” she says.


Besides, she adds, when you love something, it’s never ‘work.’ Starting January 2, O’Brien will be co-coaching with Crawford and taking new clients. In fact, she already has many booked in to see her. O’Brien would also like to do a shout-out to her coach Heather Sullivan. “I couldn’t have done it without her, She’s the best.”

This is all a dream come true, she adds. “Being called Mom is everything, working in radio with OZFM is the cherry on top. Now, coaching, helping others? Well, that’s just the icing – or maybe the healthy protein bar – on the cake of life,” she laughs. 

How do you reach O’Brien? Just reach out she says. 

“Please feel free to contact me directly through Facebook and we can set up times for consults in the new year. And don’t be shy! It’s never too late to set goals and it’s never too late to start a new journey. I know this because I did it.”


Contact Stephanie directly or visit Ideal Protein by Angela Crawford on Facebook. Don’t miss O’Brien as the co-host of the OZFM Rush or as host of the All Request Lunch

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