Take a Wander ‘Round Trinity Bay

From adventures with sea glass and a sail on the sea, to fine ol’ scoffs and a few scuff worthy jigs, a jaunt ‘round Trinity Bay is good for the soul

Route 66 Diner & pub

Pauline Yetman can bring the energy level up multiple notches with just a smile. Her diner and pub, Route 66 in Carbonear, is the spot where everybody knows your name. 

In fact, Ray Johnson of Buddy Wasisname & the Other Fellers has his table all marked out. Johnson teaches accordion at the diner and he and his wife hang out and listen to a few tunes themselves before the teaching starts. Of course, Johnson can’t help but join in on a tune before he does so, to the delight of those gathered. “The special thing about this place is that you don’t want to leave. I guarantee a great experience. The food and atmosphere is amazing, but the people make the real difference,” Yetman began as Route 66 buzzed.

Abigale Follett and Melissa Whalen, who tag team the kitchen this evening, share her enthusiasm. “I started here when I was 16 and worked my way up and everyone here was so generous and kind and helpful. It’s just like a family feel,” Follett, who is now 19, said.

Whalen, who says perfecting everyone’s steak is her super power, agrees. 

“You work well with people you trust and like and this place has a great feel. Everyone gets it the moment they walk in,” Whalen said. Yetman beams. 

“There’s something totally different and it brings everyone in and keeps them coming back. From the pictures to the car booth, it’s just a fun place to visit,” Yetman added.

Route 66’s nostalgia is part of the charm. “I have customers drop in things from their travels or things from home. They know I’ll have the respect for the items to make sure next generation enjoys it. They know I’m going to value it.”

Another thing that makes people happy is music. “Music elevates the experience, and I’m all about making people happy!”

Just Like Sisters Bakery & Sweet Shop

Maxine Belbin and Beverly King are cousins who just happen to look just like sisters, and after decades of hearing it said, they decided to name their bakery and sweet shop – located in Heart’s Content – just that!

From cookies to the most delectable tasting turtles ever, these two have delicious on speed dial when it comes to calming the cravings of any sweet tooth. 

“We started just doing homemade chocolates at Christmas for gifts but then last April we started our business,” said Belbin.

The two shared that they love spreading the joy by sharing their sweets! 

“We’re having fun. We both love what we do and the name, Just Like Sisters, makes everyone smile,” said King. One bite of their adorable chocolate turtle makes that smile all the more wide!

For more visit justlikesisters.com 

SeaGlass B&B and Studio

When Karen Smith and Michael Laduke got married in Newfoundland in 2012, it was Laduke’s first time this far east. “Karen was from here, so she always talked about her love of Newfoundland and while I wouldn’t say I fell in love instantly, by the fifth time we returned to visit, I was hooked,” he said. 

The two self-taught stain glass artists finally fulfilled their dream and purchased a home smack dab on the ocean in New Perlican, creating the most majestic bed & breakfast and stain glass studio in the most picturesque setting imaginable. 

Laduke shared that he was ready for a fresh start, and leaving Quebec for Newfoundland offered that opportunity for adventure. 

“I remember coming to Newfoundland to visit and thinking, ‘Oh my God, this place is amazing,’ and then asking myself, ‘Why not move here? Let’s just go on an adventure. Let’s just try something new.’ And we did,” he said. 

SeaGlass B&B is a quaint two room bed and breakfast that, as Karen likes to proudly say, “feels a little like staying over a night at nan’s.”

From the furnishings to the decor, there’s a rustic yet classic and comforting feel, like receiving a warm embrace from ‘nan.’ The bedrooms have a little touch of both Laduke’s and Smith’s heritage and neither mind sharing stories of where the furnishings – and the room’s names – came from.

Smith, who happens to be a brilliant and talented photographer, generously shares her skills around the B&B’s walls. 

With a tiered deck to die for, offering a breathtaking view of both New Perlican and the vast harbour, there’s snap shot inspiration for all to be found at every turn. 

Speaking of inspiration, the stain glass studio is a spectacular spot filled with jaw-dropping splendour. From whale tail stain glass necklaces to seagulls that sparkle, there’s treasures galore in store!  The bonus? Laduke offers classes to anyone willing to sit at the old general store counter and take in his patient tutelage. 

From leaning how to select, then cut and safely ‘snap’ the glass, to soldering and grinding the creations, Laduke can make a stain glass artist out of anyone!   Laduke smiles. “I find my inspiration from my wife’s photography and because of where we live, it’s all nautical. Most of what I create has got to do with the sea and the mystical part of it – like the mermaids and whales,” he said.

With five years in business, including the two tough ‘COVID’ years, Smith says they are both excited for this tourism season. “We offer the charm of an old fashioned bed and breakfast. Home made muffins with rhubarb we grew and picked ourselves. The chance to sit and talk with others at a charming kitchen table overlooking the ocean before you head out for the day after having a great night’s rest. It’s like spending the night at nan’s and we hope to share that experience with others.” 

For more visit seaglassbb.ca 

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