Whether you looking to visit Newfoundland  & Labrador, or you’re just an hour up the road, you won’t want to miss out on these Central attractions


During this staycation summer 2021, there’s no shortage of fun to be had, but when it comes to adventure, central Newfoundland is the place to head for thrills for all ages.

From the River’s Edge Grill and the Salmonid Interpretation Centre in Grand Falls-Windsor to the scenic hiking (and salmon fishing/watching) in Gorge Park, there’s no shortage of activities for those who want to take it all in and then some.

Pam Pardy and daughter Elia are guided through a rapid by RaftingNL guide, Ben | Michael Chubbs

For those who want a little more rush when it comes to water fun, visit the folks at Riverfront Chalet and their RaftingNL adventures. From culinary experiences on the Exploits to white water rafting down the Badger Chute, experienced guides like Ben N. (a.k.a. Ben No Beard) will make sure this is a trip you’ll never forget.

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But there’s so much to take in. Botwood has murals to delight the eye and stir the soul, and they also have the history of the Flying Boat Museum. There’s so much to uncover and discover a short car ride away. Even better? Folks in the region are more than happy to see staycationers visit.

A RaftingNL guide raises a paddle in triumph after guiding a group through rapids | Michael Chubbs

Graham and Adam at Hotel Robin Hood can advise and guide and the area’s dining establishments are ready to serve up the smiles. Stay tuned next week for more central NL adventure.


Stay tuned, as we dive into our Central NL adventure in our newest issue of The Newfoundland Herald


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