It’s a Beautiful Life | Inside The Vimy B&B/Boutique

Mary & Bob Gushue make life a little more beautiful, adding sparkle, style and comfort to everything they touch, including the stunning Vimy Boutique/B&B in Spaniard’s Bay

Mary and Bob Gushue are a dynamic duo in life, and in business, hosting guests at The Vimy Bed & Breakfast as well as at The Vimy Boutique. 

The historic home, built in 1936 by a veteran who lost a limb in the Battle of the Vimy, is not only stunning for its historic elements that have been lovingly restored by the couple, but also for the abundant care and decorating talent bestowed upon it by Mary.

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The Bed and Breakfast elements of The Vimy are second to none, with elegant and stylish bed and sitting rooms, and with a breakfast that rivals any available the world over, it’s certainly a favourite staycation destination and sought after vacation spot. 

“It’s been six years of dedication,” Mary begins proudly. 

The Vimy Boutique, located just behind the main house, is a must-visit when it comes to gift-giving or if looking for a treat-yourself item. With near-shockingly reasonable prices and with jaw-dropping spectacularly unique gift-giving ideas, it’s a delightful way to spent some time.

‘A spectacular year’

But don’t wait! The Vimy shuts down  for a few months just before Christmas, opening up again once the worst of the winter is over. 

“Seven months a year we are open, shutting down on the  23rd of December. But it’s been a spectacular year,” Mary shared.  

Known to take risks and “reinvent” themselves regularly, the couple say their Vimy experience has been both a high and a highlight.

“There’s three rooms here, and they are all decorated tastefully and with suite name shoutouts to the original owners of the home,” Mary explained proudly.

The Isabella, The Mark and The Sheppard Suite are all spectacular spots to spend a night or two. The swing out front on the porch or the fire pit out back are all equally inviting areas to rest or cuddle after a day exploring the area.

Can’t visit? That’s fine! Mary and Bob host Facebook Live Vimy Boutique shopping events once a week with to-town delivery/pick-up available as an added bonus. 

Plus, always honoured to share their restoration and decorating prowess, Mary and Bob also host ‘how-to’ segments on their Facebook site for those looking to add more beauty in their own homes. 

“From staircase restoration to how to tastefully decorate a mantle for the holidays, we post as we go and share what we know,” Mary says with a smile.

Bob smiles from his living room perch. “Owning this home comes with a sense of pride. It was ‘the’ home in the area that I’d see growing up and think, ‘it would be nice to live in a house like that,’” he shared. Mary beams. “It’s nice to live here, but it’s really nice that we get to share its beauty with others too.”

For more visit or for shopping and decorating tips ‘Like’ them on Facebook at The Vimy

2 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful Life | Inside The Vimy B&B/Boutique

  1. Anonymous
    December 13, 2021

    Lovey write-up for Mary & Bob Gushu
    There are no simple words to capture the tranquillity of the luxuriously Vimy B & B. Elegance, top of the line cuisine, simple simplicity, more than meets your needs. situated along the banks of the Atlantic Ocean along Conception Bay Hwy in the beautiful coastal town of Spaniard’s Bay, with Mary & Bob Gushue as your hosts.
    Come for a visit and stay awhile, browse in the upscale Vimy Boutique and then head out to explore and discover the many areas to just a short distance away like walking & hiking trails, protected wetland estuary a birder’s paradise, historic rock wall, the falls/swim area at the Gorge, beach walks and much more.

  2. Mary Mesh
    April 30, 2022

    The Vimy Boutique is one of THE most elegant boutiques I’ve ever seen! As soon as you open the door to enter the boutique you can feel the overwhelming welcome….a beautiful welcome! it’s beautifully stocked with unique cloths, jewelry, gifts, trinkets etc. There’s something there for everyone! And, it’s always changing…The staff are phenomenal and if you get the privilege to meet Mary and Bob you won’t be disappointed…they are two of the sweetest, gentlest, kindest people I have ever met….that’s why their business is such a great success! Because they care about every customer! That I know first hand from shopping there…..and the Vimy B&B is a must to see as well…it’s absolutely gorgeous….Mary and Bob Gushue, my friends, you both are great people and are doing an awesome job! Hugs to you both..

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