Newfoundland’s magician of the stand-up microphone, Shaun Majumder, has his sights set on simply rockin’ dad jokes as he raises daughter Mattis on the rock

According to actor/comedian Shaun Majumder, dealing with a pandemic is like dealing with parenthood in general – you just have to keep your wits, and your sense of humour, about you at all times.

“I say to everyone, ‘b’ys, if you keep your sense of humour, you can deal with anything.’ Even if you think about the realities of keeping a toddler six feet away from anyone, you know right there that’s a set up for comical failure,” Majumder said with a laugh.


Anything goes, and the more ‘out there’ the better, when it comes to humour being the best medicine, he added.

“Like the saying goes, ‘you can’t make this stuff up,’ well there’s so much about being a parent and a dad that you just can’t make up,” he said.

From diaper duty to teaching another human to talk – especially with our unique Newfoundland dialect – funny just happens naturally when you are a dad, or especially when you are a dad during a pandemic.

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“Just think what’s it like for me to be an actor and a comic and a new father during a pandemic. And add to that the fact that I’m a Newfoundlander! There’s hours of stand-up right there. Even just being a Newfoundland – you can’t be your normal Newfoundland-self when you can’t touch or close-talk, right? No! Because you got to follow the rules or, ‘look comin’!’ Doctor Janice will find out, right? Newfoundland’s a small place, trust me on that one.”

Majumder has spent much of the pandemic in his rural hometown of Burlington, Newfoundland, but he’s been working as well.

One show, Race Against the Tide, was shot in New Brunswick and pits sand sculpture experts against one another.

“That was exciting, and working in such a great setting, and being back working with CBC, was nice. It’s home away from home,” he shared.


Now, Majumder has a new challenge, posting on social media about the good  – and the bad – of working in these COVID times.

“Super excited to be joining the cast of a new series shooting in Halifax. But super disappointed with the (Nova Scotia Government’s) decision to not to allow my fully vaccinated wife (Shelby) and 20-month-old to join me as a family bubble on the grounds they are deemed non-essential,” he wrote. “I know people are struggling, and this job is a blessing. I know the lockdown is necessary to slow the community spread and restrictions are necessary. Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems very low risk to allow a fully Vax’d family who are isolating for two weeks upon arrival from NL –  willing to take as many tests as we can and follow all the rules, to come to N.S. for work for five months.”


It’s at these times that we really see how important staying together really is, he added.

“Family has never been more important. And I know I am one case out of the thousands of requests the government is swimming in … Hoping the spread slows and they will be able to join me soon. Stay home, wear masks out, and GET VAX’D,” he concluded.

But for now, it’s taking the time to enjoy the time together they do have.

“It’s amazing how the human brain works when you are in times of stress, like when you’re not sure, always pick humor. It’s tough to feel loose and free and funny at times when you’re uncertain about your future, but focus on funny and on family and things will work out.”

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