How this fierce resto-on-wheels was named an Eastduck Adventures honourable mention

A short walk from Brewdock and Bannerman and you’ll find a sleek black food truck with an enormous burger emblazoned on the side, and a line up of some of the most patiently enthusiastic community of customers around.

“I don’t even really like calling them customers, because I feel like so many people that eat at the truck we’re friends with now,” says co-owner Alicia Mckenna about the growing group of friendly foodies that make Johnny & Mae’s what it is.

The first Johnny & Mae’s truck is parked in the St. Thomas Parish’s parking lot, King’s Bridge Road | Michael Chubbs

J&M’s is the burger-fueled brainchild of Alica and Kyle McKenna, and with their endearing mix of personality, talent, and energetic staff, it’s no wonder they’ve blown up.

With nearly 16k and 18k followers on Instagram and Facebook respectively, their popularity is only going up, and at the time of our interview (about 3 PM), they had moved about 100 orders.

Another happy customer | Michael Chubbs


“Well, first we were asked to run Hitchen Kitchen many, many years ago. Blue on Water gave us an opportunity and we ran with it,” Kyle tells me, “we’ve been in the food industry forever,” Alicia adds.

On this trip, I tried The Big McKenna Burger, which has two Halliday’s beef patties, cheese, dill pickles, shredded lettuce, and the crispiest of bacon, glued together with a tangy “dirty sauce” that’s sort of tartar-adjacent.

This hearty mix of energetic personalities juxtaposed with comfort food that’ll put you to sleep might just be the cure to any foggy day. Drop down and have a laugh — eat and take a nap.

This article first appeared aside our first episode of Eastduck Adventures

Find Johnny & Mae’s on Facebook and Instagram, where they share mouthwatering photos that are guaranteed to induce hunger pangs.

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