NTV’s fast-rising reporter Beth Penney embraces the beauty of The Rock, taking viewers on a tourism journey across our scenic province this summer


Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and is a proven success story in Newfoundland and Labrador.
It drives the province’s economy, particularly in rural areas, and creates about 20,000 much-needed jobs.


Yes, tourists migrate to this province each year to visit landmarks like Cabot Tower and our national parks – enjoying events like the George Street Festival or Royal St. John’s Regatta – but there are so many other hidden treasures off the beaten path. Our tourism industry is a $1 billion dollar business – and growing.

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A global pandemic, of course, delivered a major blow to tourism in 2020 – in this province and abroad. However, staycations played a pivotal role in supporting the sector with tens of thousands of locals hitting the highway to appreciate all this beautiful province has to offer.

With vaccination numbers rising each day, the province has lifted travel restrictions and began welcoming g visitors from other parts of Atlantic Canada in late June – with more good news expected throughout the summer. There’s a real sense of hope that the worst is behind us.


Despite an expected race to the airport for out-of-province getaways, many will continue with a vacation at home in 2021.
NTV reporter Beth Penney will take viewers on a week-long tourism journey in July, visiting a number of scenic communities to help share the beauty Canada’s youngest province has to offer.

Her first stop is in the historic towns of Brigus and Cupids. The rich history of these postcard settlements is celebrated in their architecture and people. There are archaeological sites uncovering secrets of the past, and an annual festival that celebrates the humble blueberry.

She’ll then head to picturesque Northern Bay. One of the community’s first settlers was William Hogan, an Irish merchant. To this day, the name Hogan is still widely known in the town.

One of the best stays in the community for the whole family, just steps from Northern Bay Sands beach, is Hogan’s Cabins.

After the sun-soaked trip to the sandy beach, the first stop for ice cream, or yummy french fries, is Hogan’s Takeout. Back in December 2019, the building that hosted a convenience store, liquor store and a pub was destroyed by fire.
NTV’s Beth Penney will speak with the owners about their decision to rebuild, to make the establishment bigger and better for this summer.

From Northern Bay, heading back down the North Shore visiting communities in between, Beth’s next stop is Clarenville. There is no shortage of things to do, from scenic hikes to the beloved Farm and Market, where you can enjoy locally grown food and talented vendors.

Tourism operators big and small need a boost this summer, just a short drive from Clarenville, Beth will chat with a father/daughter duo located on Random Island, about their incredibly unique Airbnb rental, where you can hear the sound of the water splashing against your private wharf.


And what’s a Newfoundland and Labrador summer without camping? You are never more than 5 km from the ocean at Canada’s most Easterly National Park. Beth will be highlighting everything that Terra Nova National Park has to offer.

There’s no shortage of things to do, everything from ground camping, to RV camping, and even if you have never camped before, you can reserve one of the parks own accommodations which is already set up for you to enjoy.

The last stop, but certainly not least, is the charming town of Placentia. Located along the southwest coast of the Avalon Peninsula, the town is self-described as part English, Irish, and even a little Portuguese.

You can see the legacy of the explorers and settlers who discovered the town in mainstays around town, like Castle Hill, a National Historic Site.


Watch all of Beth Penney’s journey on the NTV Evening Newshour at 6:00 P.M.

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